Pick Pins to promote

After creating a campaign and ad group in Ads Manager, you will select Pins to promote. Promoted Pins are the ads that will show to your targeted audience on Pinterest. You can create new Pins or promote Pins you've saved before.

The number of Pins you add to your ad group depends on how you want to organize and optimize your ads. If you select multiple Pins per ad group, Pinterest will optimize to show the best-performing Pins within each ad group more often than the others. Selecting one Pin per ad group gives you full control over the optimization and testing.

To add a Pin to an ad group, navigate to the "Add Pins to your ad group" page and click on the Pin. It will be circled in your view and you’ll see the number of selected Pins go up. You can see all of your pins while scrolling through the "All Pins" tab, sorted by most recently added or by most recently promoted Pins. Alternatively, you can toggle to the "Boards" tab and select Pins by going through the boards on your profile. 

Make sure your selected Pins fit the following criteria before promoting them:

  • Saved to your own profile
  • Not saved to secret boards
  • Have destination URLs
  • Do not have link shorteners in the destination URL or description
  • Not third party videos or GIFs
  • Follow our Ad Standards

The Promoted Pin name will be the reporting name associated with your ad. Also note that changing the destination URL on a Promoted Pin will not change the destination URL of the organic Pin.

To undo a selection in the All Pins or Boards views, click on the Pin again. The circle around the Pin will go away and the number of selected Pins will go down. To undo a selection in the view of your Selected Pins, click on the button that says Remove from ad group.

Once you click on Launch campaign, your Pins will go through our ad review process to make sure they follow our advertising guidelines.

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