Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics helps you understand your overall presence on Pinterest. It shows you what content, both paid and organic, resonates most on Pinterest.

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The insights you get from Analytics can help you make better decisions and customize your content. For example, if most of your impressions are mobile, you can optimize your website for mobile. If an item on your site is driving traffic, you can make sure it's available, feature it in more Pins, and save it to more boards.

Video analytics

Top Pins and boards

As you filter the data, your top Pins and top boards for that selected filter will show. Top Pins and top boards are the Pins and boards, either organic or paid, that people have viewed or engaged with most. 

To start, your top Pins and boards will be sorted by most impressions. Click on "Top Pins" or "Top boards" to update the filter to engagements, saves, closeups, or link clicks. 


Metric Definition
Impressions The total number of times your Pins were shown
Engagements The total number of engagements on your Pins. This includes saves, closeups, link clicks, and carousel card swipes
Closeups The total number of times people viewed a close-up version of your Pin
Saves The total number of times people saved your Pins to a board
Link clicks The total number of times people have clicked on your Pin to a destination on or off of Pinterest
Video views The amount of views for at least 2 seconds with 50% of video in view
Average watch time The average time someone spent watching your video
Saves The number of times people saved your video Pin to a board
Link click rate The number of video Pin clicks that drive to a destination, on or off Pinterest
95% views The number of times your video was viewed to 95% of its length
Total watch time The total watch time for your video in minutes
10-second views The number of times your video was viewed for at least 10 seconds or more of the length of the video



You can apply filters to get more insight about your performance:

  • Date: View data from January 1, 2019 onward.
  • Organic content: Pins created or saved by you on your profile. Pins created or saved by others that drive people to your claimed website or account.
  • Paid content: Pins promoted by you, including earned activity. This means Pins saved from a campaign you ran in the past may continue to earn impressions and engagements as people save your Pins to their boards on Pinterest.
  • Source: What people on Pinterest are saving from your verified website.

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