Pinterest description of methodology

This document describes Pinterest’s general methodologies around ad measurement, filtration, and reporting for Pinterest ad impressions and clicks across desktop, mobile app (iOS and Android), and mobile web for both display and video ads. 

Unless otherwise stated, the methodologies in this article apply to all ad formats (static, carousel, etc.). Further, Pinterest employs General Invalid Traffic Detection (GIVT) as defined by the Media Rating Council’s (MRC’s) Invalid Traffic Detection and Filtration Guidelines to help identify, and subsequently filter, non-human traffic from reportable and billable impressions and click metrics. 

Currently, Pinterest is in the process of MRC accreditation for display Pin impressions and display Pin clicks. Metrics other than these have not been accredited by the MRC.


Pinterest is a visual discovery engine for finding ideas like recipes, home and style inspiration, and more. Our mission is to bring everyone the inspiration to create a life they love. For advertisers, Pinterest provides an advertising network to deliver display and video ads to registered, logged-in Pinterest account users on Pinterest owned and operated (O&O) properties (desktop, mobile app and mobile web).

Pinterest serves ads alongside non-promoted, organic content (referred to as Pins) on O&O properties and does not serve ads to external publisher websites. In this capacity, Pinterest operates as an ad server, decision engine and publisher (Pinterest does not allow third-party ad serving to Pinterest properties).

Pinterest Ads Manager is the primary interface for advertisers to create, edit and manage ad campaigns on Pinterest. Impressions and clicks reported through Ads Manager reflect the billable impressions and clicks delivered and measured through Pinterest’s ad delivery system.

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