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You can choose from several content formats on Pinterest, from static Pins to multi-image collections. Use this spec guide for image dimensions, file sizes and character limits. This list includes both Pinterest ad specs, and guidelines for organic Pins.

Static Pins and ads

Static Pins and ads feature only one image. These specs apply to both organic Pins and ads.

Standard width video Pins and ads

Standard width video Pins and ads are videos that are the same size as a regular Pin. These specs apply to both organic standard width video Pins and ads.

Max. width video ads

Max. width video ads are videos that expand across people’s entire feed on mobile. Max. width video ads are only available as a paid format. These specs only apply to max. width video ads.

Carousel Pins and ads

Carousel Pins and ads feature multiple images for people to swipe through. These specs apply to both organic carousel Pins and ads.

Shopping ads

Shopping ads feature one image or a video at a time and allow people to purchase products they find on Pinterest. Shopping ads follow the same specs as static Pins and ads.

Collections Pins and ads

Collections Pins and ads appear as one main image above three smaller images, in feeds on mobile devices. These specs apply to both organic collections Pins and collections ads.

Story Pins

Story Pins appear as a set of multiple videos, images, lists and custom text in a single Pin. Story Pins are only available as an organic format.

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Once you’ve picked a format, get tips on image selection, Pin copy and more in our creative best practices.

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