Update to our plans for iOS14

In March we shared information about our plans for iOS14 and guidance for advertisers. Since then, the landscape has continued to evolve and we’ve learned more about Apple’s changes with the release of iOS14.5. As such, we are adjusting our plan.

In early June, we will begin to leverage Apple’s App Tracking Transparency Framework (ATT). For Pinners who opt-in, we will collect and use IDFAs in our advertising solutions.

As a platform where people come with natural intent to search, save, and plan around interests, we’re also able to use these rich on-platform signals to make continual improvements to our various advertising solutions. These first-party signals are unaffected by Apple’s iOS14 changes and will ensure that advertisers are able to continue reaching relevant Pinners looking for content and inspiration from brands. 

Our priority is to maintain a positive, inspiring, and relevant Pinner experience, while also providing our community with transparency and choice. Our Pinners have the ability to review and adjust ads personalization through their privacy settings at any time. Safety and positivity have always been at the heart of our design, and we will continue to build our products with these values in mind. 

Who is affected?

Based on the change we’re making, we expect there to be varying degrees of impact for advertisers on audiences, measurement and reporting, and conversion campaigns.


For audience solutions that rely on off-platform signals, we expect there to be a reduction in audience size from Pinners who opt-out. These solutions include the following:

Measurement and reporting 

We’ll continue to offer first-party solutions such as the Pinterest tag, Conversion Upload, and Conversion Insights that allow advertisers to measure the performance of their campaigns and ads. In addition, we currently plan on continuing support for all of our existing campaign settings, which includes but is not limited to, attribution windows, reporting breakdowns, and conversion event types.

Conversion campaigns

During learning mode, conversion campaigns will continue to show ads to different types of Pinners to learn who is most likely to convert, but will not use information from any Pinners who have opted out. Our machine learning models will also continue to automatically optimize your campaigns towards driving conversions to your ads for either your given budget (using automatic bidding) or based on the target cost-per-action that you’ve set.

For additional guidance on next steps across audiences, measurement, and conversion campaigns, please reference the What advertisers should do section below.

What advertisers should do 

We recommend that advertisers monitor performance to best evaluate next steps. You can review specific actions for each solution below.


While advertisers may observe decreased audience sizes for solutions that use off-platform signals such as customer lists and visitor retargeting, it’s important to remember that we offer a wide variety of audience solutions that use our on-platform signals, which are unaffected by iOS14 changes. 

Pinterest’s rich on-platform signals power our audience solutions including expanded targeting, keywords, interests, engagement retargeting, and demographic targeting, all of which provide advertisers the ability to reach relevant Pinners that are looking for content and inspiration from brands. We recommend that advertisers supplement existing audience strategies by creating actalike audiences and new campaigns or ad groups that use the previously mentioned solutions. 

Measurement and reporting 

We recommend that advertisers continue to closely monitor their campaign performance by segmenting their reporting by device type (specifically iPad and iPhone). This will help you understand whether any changes in performance are related to iOS14, which allows you to then implement specific optimizations to your campaigns. As a reminder, since Android is not impacted by the iOS14 changes, you should observe no immediate changes to Android-based campaigns and metrics.

In addition, we recommend that advertisers who are sending conversion events to Pinterest explore using our first-party conversion solutions, including the Pinterest tag, Conversion API, and Conversion Upload. To get started, review the implementation instructions for the Pinterest tag and for Conversion Upload. For advertisers interested in our Conversion API, please reach out to your Pinterest representative for next steps.

Conversion campaigns

If you’re running a conversion campaign, we do not foresee any major changes needed to your campaign setup at this time. As a best practice, we recommend that you continue to closely monitor your campaign performance following the guidance provided in the Measurement and reporting section, and use automatic bidding to optimize your campaigns. 

What's next?

We’re continuing to invest in solutions that will help our advertisers reach their business goals. Some of the areas that we’re exploring and investing in are detailed below in the FAQ section. As new products become available in the coming months, we’ll communicate these updates to help ensure the continued success for advertisers on our platform. Additionally, as iOS14 continues to evolve, we will continue to monitor and evaluate any new changes, and update our guidance accordingly.

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