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Product Groups

Product groups are a way to group similar Pins together. To promote your products, you have to group them into product groups.

Data source definitions you can use to filter product groups are: category (Google product category), product type, brand, and custom labels.

How to create product groups

You can create product groups after you've ingested your data source.

  1. Open the Catalogs tool
  2. Select Product Groups and click Create
  3. Filter products by selecting options under the “Category” and “Product Type” dropdowns (you can select several)
    • Tip: If you want to see the total number of products in each product group, and when they were last updated, look in the "Product Group" tab in Catalogs.
  4. When you're ready, give the filters a name and save the product group.
  5. Click  to see the filters applied to the product group.

How to edit product groups

You can edit product groups after you've ingested your data source and created a product group.

  1. Open the Catalogs tool
  2. Select Product Groups
  3. Click   to edit
  4. When you're ready, you can update the filter name and save the product group.

Product group best practices

Name your product groups based on the filters selected to easily identify the setup for that product group. E.g. If you are selecting “Dresses” Product type and custom label “Bestsellers”, name your product group “Bestselling dresses”.

Group similar products together by category first, then add custom labels and brand as needed. Make sure you create product groups using filters that will be always present in your data source. If the filters you applied to a product group are not sent in the data source, that existing product group will have a product count of 0.

What's the next step?

Now that you've got your product groups, see our Shopping ads guide to learn how you can create shopping ads and set up dynamic retargeting.


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