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With a Pinterest business account, you can promote videos to help people discover your brand or drive actions on your website. Video ads are available in both standard width and max width formats. Standard video is the same size as regular Pins, while max width spans two columns on mobile. 

Video ads details and availability

Video ads play when they come into view in a person’s home feed. Viewers can tap on the video to play it in a larger view, replay it, or play it with audio. Video ads are available for brand awareness, video views, consideration, and conversions campaign objectives. If you promote a video with consideration or conversions as your campaign objective, tapping on the video will load your destination site.

Create a video ad in Ads Manager

You can create a video ad the same way you promote any other Pin in Ads Manager. When selecting your ads, click then select  "Video" or "Max video" to see all of your video Pins available for video ads. You can also click   to create a video Pin. 

Learn how to set up a campaign in Ads Manager

Create a video ad in bulk editor

Enter "AWARENESS," "VIDEO," "CONSIDERATION," or "WEB_CONVERSION" in the Campaign objective column to create a video ad. Enter "VIDEO" in the Ad format column. You can also enter "MAX_VIDEO" in the ad format column for awareness and video views campaigns.

Learn how to use the bulk editor

Video format

Whether you're making standard or max width videos, check out our creative specs so you can make the best video ads. 


Standard video

Max width video

Available objectives

  • Brand awareness (CPM)
  • Video views (CPV)
  • Consideration (CPC)
  • Conversions (Target CPA)
  • Brand awareness (CPM)
  • Video views (CPV)

    Market availability

  • All Pinterest ad markets
  • All Pinterest ad markets
  • Device availability

  • iPhone
  • Android mobile
  • iPad
  • Android tablet
  • Desktop
  • iPhone
  • Android mobile
  • Audio functionality

  • Plays in feed without audio
  • Users can tap the video to play it in a larger frame with audio (dependent on their device settings)
  • Plays in feed without audio
  • Users can toggle the volume button to turn sound on or tap the video to view with audio (dependent on their device settings)

    All video ads must comply with Pinterest's advertising guidelines.

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