Publish your content

Help Pinners better see and understand the ideas that come from you by creating published content. When you publish Pins you’ve created or save content to your Pinterest business profile from your claimed accounts, this is published content. These Pins will be attributed to you and help build your brand. Pins that you save while browsing Pinterest is saved content.

Published content will appear in the Activity tab on your business profile page below your featured boards under “Latest” Pins. Saved content can be found when people go to your boards.

You’ll still be able to see how your published and saved content performs with Pin stats.

Create published content

There are several ways you can create published content for your Pins to appear under “Latest” Pins on your profile:

  • Build a Pin: Upload your image, then add a title, description and destination URL
  • Claim your Etsy, YouTube, or Instagram account: Pins created from these accounts in the future and Pins people have saved from your claimed accounts will be attributed to you as published Pins
  • Connect your RSS feed: Connect your website’s RSS feed to your Pinterest business account to automatically create Pins from the content on your website
  • Story Pins: Create step-by-step guides for ideas or curate a collection of ideas
  • Video Pins: Upload videos to showcase your brand, idea or project

List your website in your Pinterest business profile so that Pins that you save from your website will appear under “Latest” Pins on your profile.

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