Reporting dashboard overview

In the Ads Manager reporting dashboard, you can access a comprehensive reporting view for all campaigns, ad groups, or Promoted Pins within an objective type. You can also compare and optimize ad groups or Pins across a subset of campaigns.

To access the reporting dashboard, click on "Ads" at the top of Pinterest then click Reporting.

Data available in Ads Manager

There are different views of data in Ads Manager: delivery metrics, conversion metrics and a view of delivery and performance by targeting criteria. You can also view search term reports

Delivery metrics 

To see delivery metrics, including a breakout of paid and earned metrics, use the delivery preset or customize your own view to see data in the interface. This view can help you understand how you’re pacing against your budget and helps you understand the earned impact of your ads. Export this data into a spreadsheet if you want to work offline.

Conversion metrics 

To see conversion metrics from the Pinterest Tag, use the performance preset or customize your own view to see data in Ads Manager. The performance preset helps you understand how your campaigns are performing and includes information from certain events tracked by the Pinterest Tag. You can export the data from the interface or customize your export from the conversion tracking dashboard. It takes a moment to process the data, so it's best to allow 37 hours before pulling conversion data. 

Delivery & performance by different targeting criteria 

To see delivery and performance data from different targeting criteria, use the ‘Targeting breakdown’ options at the ad group and ad level. This can help you identify trends across your target audience, and help you identify which targeting subsets are performing the best. You can see breakdowns by Gender, Location, Interests, Keywords, Device.

Customize conversion settings 

You can customize the conversion settings by clicking Conversion settings on the reporting dashboard. Select the parameters you want to see. Variable attribution windows and additional event types are available only with the Pinterest Tag. We recommend an attribution window of 30/30/1 or longer. Here you can also select reporting on conversions at the time of the conversion event or at the time of the ad event.

You can switch between viewing campaign, ad group, or Promoted Pin data by clicking the tabs across the top of the page. To view ad groups within a subset of campaigns, select the campaigns you're interested in viewing using the checkboxes in the Actions column. Then, switch to the Ad groups view. Keep in mind that all data in Ads Manager is displayed in UTC. While you can toggle between daily and hourly date ranges, hourly data is a 95% estimation and daily reporting should be used for exact values.

Reporting graphs

By selecting two metrics to graph against each other, you can track metrics over time and see how variables are correlated. This graph can help you see changes in delivery or performance.

You can also edit the timeframe and see how changes impacted delivery. View graphs for all campaigns within the same objective type, or graphs for a specific campaign, ad group or ad. You can customize which columns you select so that your reporting view showcases what's most important to you. 

Export data

You can export different reports in the Ads Manager. The available exports will depend on what you’re viewing (objective, campaign, ad group or ad). In the current table view, you can export the exact view you see displayed on the screen. This view is available across all entities. Select the timeframe, reporting preset, conversion settings and targeting breakdown in the reporting tool. You can export from the delivery and performance presets, as well as export your custom view. As mentioned above, it takes a moment to process the data, so it's best to allow 37 hours before pulling conversion data. 

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