January 2021 metrics updates

We’re launching a number of updates to our metrics to help business account users better meet their objectives and optimize their content. If you have a business account, these updates will give you a more complete understanding of your performance, both paid and organic, on Pinterest. 

Below you can find specific updates for paid ads and organic content. 

Paid ads updates

As part of our ongoing efforts to evolve our ad platform, we’re transforming our traffic objective and sharing metrics updates that will help you in your efforts to understand your audience and build demand for your brand.

At a high-level, we’re:

  • Renaming our ‘traffic’ objective to ‘consideration’
  • Enhancing budgeting for the consideration objective
  • Updating our metrics

Organic content updates

Metrics play an important role in helping determine which content resonates with people on Pinterest. To empower content creators to better understand how their audiences are interacting with their Pins, we’re introducing new metrics and renaming and redefining some existing metrics.

At a high-level, we’re:

  • Updating our metrics
  • Changing the default metrics in the Business hub and Analytics pages 

Review paid and organic metric unification

Format Behavior Metric before Metric now
Paid Click into a Pin from the grid Link click Pin click
Organic Click into a Pin from the grid  Close up Pin click
Paid Click to the destination URL associated with a Pin N/A Outbound click
Organic Click to the destination URL associated with a Pin Link click Outbound click
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