See ad accounts shared with you

If you have a business account, you can view and access the ad accounts you have access to in your Accounts Manager. 

The five levels of access you may be granted are described below:

Admin: Complete access to ad account as if original owner; can view and edit everything including billing, campaign optimization, and audiences.

Analyst: View-only access to ad account; can see everything but billing and business settings, but edit nothing.

Audience: Create and edit audiences on ad account, view Pinterest tag information; cannot create or edit campaigns or view reporting.

Finance: Complete access to billing of ad account; cannot create or edit campaigns or view reporting.

Campaign: Create, edit and manage all aspects of advertising campaigns.

See ad accounts others have shared with you

  1. Navigate to

  2. Click   next to your name

  3. Click the "Shared with me" tab

To leave an account, click   next to your name and navigate to the "Shared with me" tab. Click the ad account you'd like to leave and select View account settings. Click Leave ad account below your name and access level.

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