Send multiple product IDs with Floodlight

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Pass multiple product IDs

If you're using Google Floodlight and support adding multiple products to your cart or purchasing multiple products, you'll need to make adjustments to the Pinterest tag in order to pass back multiple product IDs. This is necessary for running dynamic retargeting campaigns. 

Use the macro function and the product IDs parameter in this syntax:[line_items][0][product_ids]=11149134,11149144,11149126,11168014&noscript=1&dbgppce=true

The [product_id] parameter only supports single product ID passback. [product_id] supports multiple comma separated values.

For example:

  • Sending a single product ID: [product_id] = 123,456,789 will pass the data as single value
  • Sending multiple product IDs: [product_ids] = 123,456,789 will split the IDs on the comma and pass back all product IDs as separate and unique values

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