Awareness, Consideration, Conversion and Catalog campaigns are budgeted using campaign budgets. The video view objective uses ad group budgets.

Campaign budgets aim to simplify campaign set up and improve performance by automatically adjusting spend across ad groups based on their performance, removing the need for you to manually review and adjust. Input how much you’re willing to spend for your campaign, and our technology will allocate that budget across ad groups in an effort to drive more results at an efficient price.

How campaign budgets work

Campaign budgets optimize spend across ad groups in an effort to deliver the most results for your campaign. The results each campaign optimizes towards will be based on the objective.

  • The Awareness objective optimizes for impressions.
  • The Consideration objective optimizes for Pin clicks or outbound clicks.
  • The Conversion objective optimizes for conversions.
  • The Catalog objective optimizes for Pin clicks, outbound clicks or conversions, based on your selection in Optimization and delivery.
  • You may find that ad groups delivering more results receive more spend than ad groups delivering less results within a single campaign. This is expected, and is meant to help you optimize your budget in order to help deliver the most results possible.

    Types of campaign budgets;

    When setting budgets for their campaigns, advertisers have the option to choose from the following:

  • Lifetime: set the total budget for flexible spending based on optimal daily opportunities
  • Daily:
    • Average daily: set a flexible amount you want to spend each day based on optimal spending opportunities
    • Fixed daily: set the same amount to spend each day to distribute your budget consistently
  • Average daily budgets

    When average daily budgeting is enabled, your daily budget transitions from a strict cap to an average amount you are willing to spend each day. Daily spend may go above or below the budget input on a given day, but over the course of one week, your spend should average out to no more than the daily budget.

    We will never spend any greater than 25% of your daily budget for a single day.

    For example, if you input a daily budget of $100: Over the course of a week, daily spend may fluctuate. Your campaign may spend $125 on one day and $75 on another. But from Sunday to Saturday, average daily spend will be no more than $100.

    Additional details:

  • As a real-time, auction-based platform, spend relies on proper campaign settings. If you are targeting a limited audience or have input a restrictive bid, your average daily spend may be less than your daily budget.
  • Averages are calculated on a fixed 7 day week: Sunday to Saturday.
  • Previous spend for the week is not taken into account when averaging an edited daily budget.
    • If you edit your budget midweek, spend will adjust to achieve the new average daily budget from the time the edit was made to the following Saturday.
  • If you launch a new campaign mid-week or set a campaign end date for mid-week, the average will be calculated using the shortened week.
  • Set up a campaign budget

    Create a campaign using campaign budgeting.

  • Log in to your Pinterest business account
  • Click the hamburger icon at the top-left of the page
  • Under Ads, click Create campaign
  • Click Manual Campaign, then Get Started
  • Select your campaign objective
  • Enter your Campaign name, Status, Campaign budget type and Ad schedule
  • Click Continue to create your campaign and move on to create your ad groups
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