Set up your campaign

When you create a Promoted Pin ad campaign in Ads Manager, you'll start by creating a campaign. Campaigns are the highest level of the ads structure and house ad groups and Promoted Pins. Learn more about campaign structure.

Set up your campaign

  1. From Pinterest, click + and select Create ad
  2. Choose the campaign objective that best reflects your business goals
  3. Choose an existing campaign or select Create new and enter a campaign name
  4. If you want, set a spend limit to determine the maximum amount you can spend on a campaign
  5. Click Continue to create your campaign and move on to ad group setup

Set up a campaign video

When you click Continue, a campaign shell is saved. You can exit the creation flow and come back any time to pick up where you left off and create an ad group and Promoted Pins.

Note that spend limits are optional and can be set as daily and lifetime limits. These are particularly useful as safeguards against overspending. Spend limits do not factor into the pacing of your ads.

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