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When you create an ad campaign in Ads Manager, you'll start by creating a campaign. Campaigns are the highest level of the ads structure and house ad groups and ads. Learn more about campaign structure.

Create a campaign

  1. From your Pinterest Business account, click Ads
  2. Select Create ad
  3. Choose the campaign objective that best reflects your business goal
  4. Enter a campaign name
  5. If you want, set a spend limit to specify the maximum amount your campaign can spend
    • Spend limits are optional and can be set as daily and lifetime limits. These are particularly useful as safeguards against overspending. Spend limits don’t factor into the pacing of your ads.
  6. To create your campaign in a paused state, check the box next to "Pause campaign?"
  7. Click Continue to create your campaign and move on to ad group setup or click Launch to launch your ads
    • If your campaign is missing any necessary information, errors will be highlighted in orange on the left side of the screen
    • Click the highlighted topics in the left-hand navigation to jump to that section and fix any existing errors

The information you enter will save as you move from step to step. If you exit the window before you click Continue or Launch, your work will be lost.

Once you click Launch, your Pins will go through our ad review process to make sure they follow our advertising guidelines.

Learn how to create an ad group.

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