Share and manage access to your ad accounts

Business Access lets advertisers and agencies easily manage the employees and partners who work on their Pinterest account. Advertisers and agencies can use Business Access to: 

  • Add employees and partners to their ad accounts 
  • View who has access to their account and what permissions they have 
  • Request access to an ad account
  • Create ad groups

Business Access uses a two-tiered permission system so you can control and view what access each of your employees and partners have. The first level is where you add employees or partners to your business account and assign them roles. The second level is where you assign permissions to give employees and partners specific levels of access to your ad accounts. 

Before getting started with Business Access

To use Business Access, you first need to Get a business account. You’ll be responsible for adding employees and partners to Business Access. Once added, you can allow other people to manage permissions within your account.  

To provide an employee or partner with access, they will also need to have a Pinterest business account.

Review the level of access each permission setting grants your employees and partners:

  Admin Analyst Audience Finance Campaign Catalogs
Create and edit campaigns, ad groups and ads         
View billing and business settings      
Edit billing and business settings        
View reporting      
View conversion tags    
Create and edit conversion tags        
View audiences    
Create and edit audiences        
View analytics        
Create and edit data sources and product groups        
Upload conversion files in Ads Manager    

Manage employees

Employees are individual people who work directly for your business. You can assign them roles as either employees or managers. Employees can only view and access ad accounts you assign them to. They cannot see details about other employees, external partners or other ad accounts. Managers have full control of roles and can add employees, external partners as well as grant ad account access.

Add employees to Business Access to give them access to your ad accounts, assign ad account permissions, view and edit permissions, manage roles and remove employees. To add an employee, they’ll need to have a Pinterest business account.

Manage partners

Partners are external agencies you regularly work with and want to allow access to set up, manage and maintain campaigns, ad groups and ads on your behalf. To add a partner, they’ll need to have a Pinterest business account.

Add partners to Business Access to give them access to ad accounts, assign ad account permissions, view and edit permissions, and remove employees. To add a partner, you’ll need their business ID, which is located below their business name on their Business Access page. Depending on the permissions you grant your partner, they can then grant different levels of access to their own employees.

If you're a partner looking for access to an account, you can request to be added as a partner and then request access to ad accounts.

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