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There are two ways you can promote your product groups through the catalog sales objective in Ads Manager or bulk editor:

  • Shopping ads: Single image ads that promote a product relevant to people’s interests
  • Personalized collections ads: Multi-image ads that display a lifestyle image of your choice, followed by a group of products relevant to people’s interests

In addition to promoting your product groups, you can also use dynamic retargeting to target people on Pinterest who have already visited your website or have items sitting in their shopping cart.

Set up a shopping ad campaign

Shopping ads help you engage with your customers early, while people on Pinterest are looking for inspiration. Once you’ve set up your product groups within catalogs, you can promote them as shopping ads to surface your products to people.

Pinterest uses the product data from your data source to show relevant products to interested people on all Pinterest surfaces, including shopping surfaces where people are browsing product Pins. This means you do not need to set up any additional targeting for shopping ads.

If you have multiple ad accounts, all of them will be able to access catalogs, which live at the business account level.

Note: You can choose to Set up placement targeting on Pinterest with your ads but you cannot choose which shopping surfaces your shopping ads will show up on. We will automatically place your shopping ads across shopping surfaces for you. 

Set up a personalized collections ad campaign

Personalized collections ads help you to get your products in front of people on Pinterest at scale. While shopping ads appear with each product as a single image ad, personalized collections ads appear as a lifestyle image followed by a group of products. 

Once you’ve set up your product groups within catalogs, you can automatically create a personalized collections ad by selecting product groups you want to feature. Through this approach, a collections ad will select and display the most relevant products for the user from your product feed.

Before you run a personalized collections ad campaign, you need to make sure:

  • Your catalog is uploaded and that your products are sorted into product groups.
  • You’ve created or identified a Pin (static image or video) that will be your hero creative. You can not upload a hero creative during ad creation.

Once you’re ready to get started, you can create and promote your personalized collections ad through Ads Manager, bulk editor or select API partners. If your API partner doesn’t have a collections ads integration yet, please reach out to them directly.

Note: If a product group is already running as a Shopping ad in an existing ad group, you will need to create a new, separate ad group to use the collections ad format.

Set up a dynamic retargeting campaign

Dynamic retargeting helps you reach people on Pinterest who have already visited your site or who have unpurchased items in their cart, by retargeting exact or similar products to those they engaged with as they browse Pinterest.

Before you run a dynamic retargeting campaign, you need to make sure:

  • Your catalog is active with your products
  • You’ve set up the Pinterest tag on your website and are tracking the following conversion events: Checkout, AddToCart and PageVisit 
  • Your events are passing back the product ID event data, and the product IDs being passed back are the same as the product IDs in your catalog
  • You've met the necessary number of PageVisit and AddToCart events in the last 7 days

If your campaign has stopped running after launch, check to make sure you still meet the above requirements.

If you do not meet these requirements, start by adding the Pinterest Tag or use standard audience targeting.


  • Start broad and create a campaign with your default “All Products” product group. Break out additional campaigns or ad groups after launch to optimize and drive performance.
  • Select a longer lookback window when using dynamic retargeting. That way, you’ll increase the chances for greater reach when you first set up the campaign and then, you can optimize accordingly.
  • Launch your campaign using automatic bidding to maximize the chances of getting results. Bids are updated by Pinterest automatically several times a day to try and get you the most results at the lowest possible cost per result while also spending your entire budget. 
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