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Product tagging for Idea Pins is not available in your area yet.

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Currently, you can only tag products in your Idea Pins on Android and iOS devices.


Tag the exact products you’re featuring in your Idea Pins to share them with your audience on Pinterest. People who view your Idea Pins can then shop these products. You can add up to five product tags per page, and up to 20 product tags per Idea Pin. Once you’ve published the Idea Pin, you cannot go back and edit the tags.

The merchants who sell the products you’re tagging will be notified and get the chance to review these tags. They may remove them or opt out of having any of their products tagged if they decide to.

You can tag products when you’re creating Idea Pins by: 

  • Searching for product Pins already on Pinterest
  • Using links from the retailers’ product pages on their websites to create new product Pins, or affiliate links from most major affiliate networks

If you decide to tag products using product links, a product Pin will be created and appear on your profile in a secret board called “Products you tagged”. Only you will be able to see this board. Editing or deleting this secret board or the Pins on the board will not affect the tagged products in the Idea Pin.

If you’re a merchant, you can additionally tag your own products from your claimed website in some of your static Pins.  

Keep in mind that tagged products must comply with our Merchant guidelines.

Tag products using product Pins

Tag products using product links

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