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You can only tag your products on your desktop.


If you’ve created a Pin that features a scene, such as a kitchen or someone wearing an outfit, you can tag it with up to eight products from your claimed website. For example, if your Pin showcases a living room that features many of your products like curtains, armchairs or tables, you can tag these specific products to make it easier for people on Pinterest to shop for the exact items they see in your Pin. If you do not have a claimed website, you can still tag other merchants’ products in your Idea Pins

You can tag your products in an existing Pin or when you’re building a new Pin

If you’d like to showcase related products to create a collections Pin instead, you can add up to 25 related products from your product catalog or claimed website. These related products will not show up in your Pin, but will be surfaced below your Pin. You can then promote it as a collections ad for people on Pinterest to browse. 

Note: Product tags are not available on ads. If you promote a Pin that has tagged products in it, it will be converted to a collections ad and the previously tagged products will show up below the product Pin. 

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