Targeting overview

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For each ad group you set up on Pinterest, you can target your ads to reach the right people at the right time. You can combine targeting criteria to create an audience as narrow or as broad as you like. Use the "Potential audience size" bar on the right side of the screen to see the predicted size of your targeted audience.

Targeting How it works
Placement Choose to place your ads in people's home feeds or search results
Interests Select interests related to your ad to reach people while they browse Pinterest for similar interests
Keywords Include or exclude specific words to target people as they search for similar ideas
Age Pick a specific age range that your content would be most relevant for
Demographics Choose locations, languages, or devices, or genders to refine your audience
Audience Create audiences from your existing customer lists, people who've visited your website, or audiences that have interacted with your content before

You can also turn on Expanded targeting to reach even more people on Pinterest. Expanded targeting helps you automatically target your ads to people searching topics relevant to your ad.

Make sure your keywords are relevant and compliant with our policies to avoid ad disapproval for irrelevant targeting in the ad review process.

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