The Recommendations page


The Recommendations page in Ads Manager makes it simple to optimize your ad campaign by offering customized suggestions to help you meet business goals.

You may see a wide range of campaign recommendations including bid suggestions, targeting  recommendations, best practices and more. 

Throughout your campaign lifecycle, our algorithms will look for ways to improve and optimize your ads. We will add these suggestions to your Recommendations page whenever there is an opportunity to improve.

Recommendations are based on your campaign goals and objectives combined with machine learning models, historical data and input from account managers. 

Note: Recommendations are customized based on your current performance, historical data and intended outcomes of a campaign; they do not take into account certain factors, such as seasonality or product experiments or unpredictable market factors. Results are not guaranteed.

Using the Recommendations page

  1. Log into your business account
  2. Click Ads from the dropdown menu at the top, then click Recommendations (BETA)
  3. The Active tab will include live recommendations for your campaign. New recommendations will be marked by a red dot
    1. To accept a recommendation, click Accept
    2. To review a recommendation, click Review. You’ll land on a modal where you can review and edit the proposed changes. Then click Apply change or Cancel
    3. To archive a recommendation, click ..., then click Archive
  4. Advertisers can also choose to reject a recommendation by archiving it. To archive a recommendation, click ..., then click Archive

If the recommendation is ignored, it will disappear from the list once it is no longer relevant. 

Recommendations will continue to refresh as we find new ways to help optimize your campaigns. 

Tip: Recommendations are based on your specific campaign goals. Learn about how to set campaign goals.

Recommendations not appearing

There are several reasons you may not be seeing recommendations on your page:

  • Your account doesn’t have any live campaigns or ad groups.
  • Your account doesn’t have any billing information set up.
  • Your ads went live recently. We’re working on recommendations for you.
  • Your campaigns are performing successfully! If we find something to optimize, you will start to see recommendations.
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