Upload conversions with LiveRamp

Upload offline conversions to LiveRamp, who will match conversions to Pinterest IDs and send them to Pinterest. Pinterest then matches relevant campaigns to these conversions, and you can then pull relevant reporting for these uploaded conversions in Ads Manager

Before you get started

  • Make sure you have an active campaign.
  • Confirm participation with LiveRamp and pass specific Pinterest Advertiser IDs to LiveRamp.
  • If a parent Pinterest advertiser account contains multiple child accounts, pass unique Pinterest advertiser IDs for each child account to LiveRamp. 

Get your data into LiveRamp

After you provide LiveRamp with your Pinterest advertiser IDs, LiveRamp will pass conversion data back to Pinterest. For help getting your data into LiveRamp, see LiveRamp's help center.

  • Frequency: Upload at a regular interval, at least once a month. Send conversion data within 30 days of each conversion occurrence to Pinterest on a monthly or more frequent cadence.
  • File size: Files must be under 5GB in size and contain less than 10M rows.
  • Delivery time: LiveRamp processes and delivers conversion events to Pinterest within 1-3 days. Your conversions data will be ready 48 hours after that.
  • Separate files for each account: Don't combine conversions from child accounts into a single file. Upload conversions separately for each child account.


What's the next step?

Learn about offline conversion events reporting

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