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The Verified Merchant Program (or VMP) helps people on Pinterest discover and buy from vetted brands. As a verified merchant, your Pins may appear organically to people who are searching for products and shopping on Pinterest. You may also get exclusive access to features, like merchant details, so you can showcase the values and communities your brand represents.

You can check the status of your application at any time on your Business hub.

Verified merchant benefits
  • Eligibility for distribution of your products within our shopping experiences
  • A blue checkmark on your profile and Pins letting people on Pinterest know you’ve been vetted
  • Eligibility for exclusive features like merchant details
  • Price and availability information on all your product Pins
  • Check your eligibility

    Before you get started with requirements, make sure your Pinterest account and website are eligible by confirming the following:

  • Your Pinterest account must be at least three months old.
  • Your business’s website must be claimed and have been created at least nine months ago.
  • Your Pinterest profile must have a profile picture, and a completed “About” section.
  • Your products and website must meet our Merchant guidelines. We’ll review your website and products once you upload your catalog. If you do not meet these guidelines, you’ll be notified in your Business Hub where you can also appeal this decision.
  • If your Pinterest account and website do not meet this criteria, you will not be able to join the VMP.


    Once you’ve confirmed that your Pinterest account and website are eligible, follow the requirements below to join the VMP.

    1. Connect your catalog

    Get all of your products on Pinterest by connecting your catalog. Once connected, your product Pins will have the most up-to-date price and product information. At least 50% of your products have to be ingested successfully. If your products are not ingested successfully, check the Catalogs section of Ads Manager to view and fix issues.

    Note: We’ll check the health of your feeds in markets where the VMP is available.

    If you do not want to connect your catalog yourself, you can partner with an e-commerce site.

    2. Set up a conversion source

    Set up a conversion source to measure the impact Pinterest is having on your business. You have the option of installing the Pinterest tag, using the Pinterest Conversions API, or uploading conversion files.

    If you set up a conversion source, it needs to be set up so that it tracks key conversion events and returns high-quality data on shopping-related events. To be included in the VMP, please make sure your conversion data has sent the following in the last 30 days:

  • At least one page visit event
  • At least one add to cart event
  • At least one checkout event
  • Checkout events have currency
  • To check which conversion events your conversion source has tracked, take a look at the overview of event history on Ads Manager.

    Reasons for suspension from the program

    You must meet all of the above requirements to remain in the VMP. If you fail to do so at any point, you’ll be suspended from the VMP. We also monitor shopping experience quality while you’re in the program. If we detect excessive user reports on your product Pins and/or shop, you may be suspended as well. If you’ve been suspended, you’ll be alerted on Business hub as well as via email. Once you’ve been alerted, you’ll have 30 days to fix any outstanding issues. If you resolve the issues within these 30 days, you’ll be automatically re-enrolled in the program. If the issues are not fixed within these 30 days, you may be suspended. Changes to your eligibility can take up to 48 hours to be reflected on our system.

    Ready to become a verified merchant?

    If you’re a merchant in Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, the UK or the US, apply to join the Verified Merchant Program.

    If you’re not based in any of these countries, stay tuned! We'll announce when the Verified Merchant Program is available in additional countries.

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