View your change history

View your change history to see edits for individual campaigns or across your entire ad account. See what changes were made, when, and by whom.

Account-level changes: In the navigation bar, click Ads and scroll down to "Account history".

Campaign, ad group, or Promoted Pin changes: In the reporting table, select the campaign, ad group or Promoted Pin that you want to see changes for, then click See history.

You can filter by specific actions at the campaign, ad group, and Promoted Pin levels by clicking Filter by in the top right corner.

Change the date range by clicking on the dates listed below the page title and selecting your desired start and end date.

Different auditable changes are available for different campaign objects.

Campaign object Auditable changes
Campaign Daily spend limit, lifetime spend limit, status
Ad group Bid, budget, start date, end date, monthly frequency cap (CPM only), status, targeting (all but keywords)
Promoted Pins Destination URL, rejection reason, review status, status

Keyword level changes are not currently logged in the change history.

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