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What is Pinterest Academy?

Pinterest Academy is a collection of free online courses for businesses and agencies to learn how to connect with their audience on Pinterest. Courses include information on how to design Pins, create ads, measure success and incorporate best practices.

Who should use Pinterest Academy?

Any business or agency that wants to learn how to advertise on Pinterest or how to design better creative to grow their brand. 

Sign up for Pinterest Academy

You do not sign up with a previously created Pinterest Business account. Instead, you’ll make a new account for Pinterest Academy. Each time you log in you’ll use that same username and password. 

  1. Go to Pinterest Academy 
  2. Click Don’t have an account? Sign up here. below the “Log In” button 
  3. Create a username and password, then fill in your personal and business information 
  4. Click Register


Pinterest Academy currently has the following courses:

  • A Peek into Pinterest: Learn how Pinterest’s platform allows brands to reach consumers at a key moment in time
  • Creative Inspiration: Explore the Pin design elements that drive visual discovery and learn how to drive effective marketing on Pinterest with your creative
  • Creative Strategy: Dive deeper into the elements of effective Pin creative including best practices and tips for making actionable ads
  • Campaign Objectives: Explore the three different advertising objectives available on Pinterest and learn how they can translate to effective marketing on the platform
  • Targeting & Buying: Learn how to reach your target audience by combining what you know about your customers with data about how people use Pinterest
  • Setting up a Pinterest Business Account: Learn how to create a Pinterest business account or convert from a personal to a business account
  • Building & Launching a Campaign: Learn everything about Pinterest Ads Manager from start to finish
  • Planning & Strategizing a Campaign: Learn how to plan, strategize and execute your campaigns with Ads Manager
  • Managing & Measuring a Campaign: Learn how to use Ads Manager to manage and measure your campaigns

How long does it take to complete?

On average, each course can take 2 to 6 minutes to complete, and the entire program can be completed within an hour. 

Is there a certification?

We don’t offer a certification right now.

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