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An introduction to advertising

As an advertiser on Pinterest, you have the opportunity to tell your business’ story.

People come to Pinterest in search of inspiration, crafted goods and a community of like-minded creatives, making it an ideal place for you to showcase the ideas and products that define your business.

Whether you’re a one person team or a corporate entity, creating visually compelling Pins, categorizing them into ad groups that target your business goals and running a successful campaign can help you gain a loyal following of people on Pinterest. Spark inspiration amongst millions who are in search of your creativity by becoming an advertiser on Pinterest. Then, visit the Pinterest Business Community to get advice from other businesses on Pinterest.

The structure of campaigns

To advertise on Pinterest, you begin by running a campaign. Your business has a story to tell and your campaign is where it all begins. 

Within any campaign lie multiple ad groups—you can think of these as chapters. This is where the action happens. Set a bid and budget and target specific audiences. Create multiple ad groups to achieve a variety of goals and tell different parts of your business’ story.

Once your ad group is created, you can promote Pins within it that will best fit your campaign objective. You may find that changing your targeted audience or promoting a video Pin changes your campaign results in an exciting way. Everyone gathers information differently—through words, images or videos—so enjoy the freedom you have to create a number of ads that represent your business in different ways.

Create a goal for your campaign

When you create a campaign, you’ll give it a title and an objective. Perhaps you’re looking to establish a loyal following, so increasing consideration is the perfect objective. Alternatively, you may want people on Pinterest to discover and purchase your merchandise, in which case opting to "Get conversions" would be a great fit.

Whatever objective you choose for your campaign, it should reflect your overall business goals. The objective will determine bidding and ad formats available to you and has the potential to set you up for great success.


Build an ad group

Ad groups are where the action happens. You set your budget, timeline, targeting audience and bids for the ads within the group.

Creating multiple ad groups is a great way to explore how different people engage with your content. You have flexibility in targeting certain ad groups towards a specific audience, which will allow you to gain understanding and observe trends of how your products and Pins appeal best to people on Pinterest.

All about ads

Pick a Pin of an idea or product you want to showcase. Creating an image for your Pin that sparks interest is key! Keep in mind you can create multiple Pins that promote the same product, so have fun exploring what Pins capture different audiences, and which seem to meet your objective.

When your Pin is curated and posted, you’ll pay to promote it. The Pin will then show on your audience’s home feed and in relevant searches. You’ll be on your way to attracting fans, followers and customers.

The fundamentals of placement & targeting

A great way to learn about how people engage with your content is to play with our placement and targeting tools.

When you first set up an ad group, the Pins within it will show everywhere—as folks browse their home feed or search relevant keywords. In time, you can change the placement so that some ad groups only show as folks browse and others show up only as people search for related content. It’s a great tool to observe which behavior increases the impressions of your Pins.

Targeting is another way to understand the different ways that people interact with your Pin. If you’re promoting a portrait photography guidebook, target people interested in “headshots” or “cameras” and perhaps play with different targeted audiences to compare and learn who engages with your content the most.

What's next?

To create your first ad, visit Ads Manager. If you’ve already created an ad and you’re ready to review your reporting, learn how to approach the reporting dashboard and measure the success of your ads.

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