Reporting, targeting, and tracking your campaigns: the fundamentals

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How to approach the reporting dashboard

Gathering metrics and observing trends can be a motivating aspect of running campaigns - you have the opportunity to see how folks are engaging with your work, and personalize the content to improve your brand.

Business accounts have access to our reporting dashboard, which summarizes how your campaigns are performing based on conversion and delivery metrics. You can filter by targeted audience, timeframe, and more to compare the success of different elements of your campaign.

The reporting dashboard provides an excellent snapshot of how your campaigns are performing based on delivery, objective, and more. Before diving into specific metrics, it’s helpful to head here for a comprehensive overview.

Measuring the success of your Pins

For every Pin you publish through your business profile, you can view metrics for how your audience engages with it. You can see how many  a Pin has, as well as and  . This allows you to play around with different styles of Pins or different targeted audiences based on patterns and popularity of your Pins.

Approach your Pin stats with curiosity: If one Pin has more saves but represents the same product as another, why did more people engage with it? Perhaps it was more on brand, or maybe it was targeted to a more relevant audience. You can also gather stats on your video Pins to see how those are performing compared to your other Pins.

Gathering insights on your audience

Knowing your audience is key to running a successful campaign. We collect data on the people that engage with your Pins or may be likely to based on similar interests. You’ll be able to view how your audience compares to the entire population of Pinners, what other topics your audience likes to search or save Pins from, and the demographic trends of your audience. These insights allow you to understand who, typically, identifies with your brand, products and ideas so you can target related interests and potentially reach more like-minded people.

Is your Pin reaching the variety of people you intended for it to? How can you change your branding or Pins to expand your audience? Use your audience insights to inform the targeting of your next Pin or ad group.

An overview of campaign targeting

You can think of targeting as a way to personalize your campaign and help Pinners find your ideas. Think of who is likely to save or click on your Pin, and use our targeting tools to help your Pin reach them.

Say you’re advertising a new Thanksgiving cookbook, try targeting people interested in “fall,” “cooking,” “gatherings,” and more. For this example, you may also target people in locations that traditionally celebrate the holiday. You can target people by location, interest, keyword or demographic to help build a loyal following.

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