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People use Pinterest for inspiration, ideas and shopping. When you add your products to Pinterest as product Pins, you make it easy for customers to bring their inspiration and ideas home.

What are product Pins?

Product Pins are shoppable Pins, formatted to display accurate and relevant product information. At a glance, people on Pinterest can find pricing, availability, and other product details they look for when they shop online.

In some cases, product Pins might have labels. A Pin might read “Best seller” or “Popular” if it’s one of the most purchased or clicked items in a product category on Pinterest. These labels do not refer to your individual merchant sales activity.

How do I get my products on Pinterest?

You can add your products to Pinterest two ways: 

  • Catalogs: Upload your product catalog to Pinterest to create product Pins at scale for all your products. When you upload your products this way, you can sort your product Pins into product groups and run shopping ads to help more customers find your products.
  • Product rich Pins: Add meta tags to your website so people can save product Pins directly from your site. Products saved this way are a type of rich Pin. They sync with information from your website to stay updated. Rich Pins cannot be promoted in shopping ads. 
  • No matter how you decide to add your products to Pinterest, your product Pins must stay up to date to accurately display product information.

    How do I promote my products on Pinterest?

    All product Pins on Pinterest are distributed organically, but only product Pins created with our Catalogs tool can be promoted as shopping ads. If you’re interested in promoting your products on Pinterest, learn how to create shopping ads.

    What are product groups?

    A product group is a collection of items from your catalog that you want to promote in shopping ads. You can create your own product groups or you can use the product groups we create for you (for example, we create a ‘Top Sellers’ group for you).

    Organizing your products into product groups is essential in managing your catalog, running ad campaigns and tracking performance on Pinterest.

    What's next?

    See our before you get started with Catalogs guide to see how you can get your products on Pinterest.

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