What's new in Ads Manager

We’re always updating Ads Manager to improve the experience of creating and managing your campaigns. We’ll update this page monthly to highlight new features you should know about.

August 2019

Updates to campaign creation
You can now create campaigns in any order you like without losing work between steps. Use the left hand navigation to navigate to different setup steps or identify setup errors (highlighted in orange) in your campaign.

We’ve also moved ad format selection from the campaign level to the ad level. To select a carousel or video ad format, for example, click Ads in the left hand navigation then click   to choose your format. You can only use one format per campaign.

Learn how to set up campaigns.

New video views objective
We’ve added a new video views objective that enables you to bid on cost per view, ideal for advertisers who want to optimize for quality of video views. Video campaigns created prior to August 6, 2019 bid on cost per impression and can now be found under the brand awareness objective in your reporting dashboard.

Learn more about campaign objectives.

July 2019

No updates.

June 2019

No updates.

May 2019

Smarter start and end dates

We’ve updated how we process ad group start and end dates to reduce common errors. For example, past start dates will automatically update to the date and time you created an ad group so you can launch it more quickly.

Learn more about ad start and end date improvements.

April 2019

Mobile ads manager

Now you can create and manage your ads right in the Pinterest app. Visit your Pinterest profile on your phone or tablet to set up ads and manage performance on the go.

Learn how to create ads in the Pinterest app.

Improved bulk editor processing

If your bulk sheet contains a common formatting error, we’ll find it and let you know before we process your whole sheet. In-product guidance provides details on the errors in your sheet and suggests how to fix them before you re-upload your sheet.

Learn more about bulk editor processing.

New reporting table navigation

Navigate the reporting table more easily with in-view selection tabs that allow you to move between campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords.

New tabs for reporting table navigation

Learn more about the reporting dashboard.

March 2019

No updates.

February 2019

No updates.

January 2019

Custom reporting with table settings

We’ve added a page for greater reporting customization. You can now create custom reports from scratch, and edit or delete custom reports you’ve previously created. You’ll also find a key that shows whether a column is available at the campaign, ad group or ad level. 

Learn more about custom reporting.

Bulk editor updates

You can now create a bulk sheet with the fields you use regularly and save it as a template for later use. You also have access to a new Resources section, which provides detailed descriptions and example inputs for bulk editor fields, as well as next steps for common bulk editor errors.

Learn more about bulk editor.

Ad group schedules

Start and end times are now available when you create and edit ad groups. To schedule your ad group to run to the minute, set a UTC start time and UTC end time in addition to your start and end dates. 

Ad group start and end times in Ads Manager

Learn more about ad group start and end times.

Campaign access role

We’ve introduced a campaign role for users with access to your ad account. Users with campaign access can create and edit campaigns, ad groups and Promoted Pins. They can also create protected boards and view and export reporting for your ad account.

Learn more about campaign access.

Pre-filled fields in Ads Manager

To save you time when you’re creating a campaign, ad group or Promoted Pin in Ads Manager, you’ll receive automated suggestions for names, start times and bids. Campaign, ad group and Promoted Pin name suggestions are based on your campaign objective and creation time. Start time is also based on creation time, and ad group bid suggestions use strong bids. All pre-filled fields are modifiable.

Learn how to set up a campaign in Ads Manager.

Duplication improvements

We’ve added additional flexibility to duplication. Now when you duplicate a campaign, you can update the copied campaign to use a different campaign objective. When you duplicate an ad group or Promoted Pin, the ad group or Promoted Pin copy can be moved into a new campaign with a different campaign objective. 

Learn more about duplicating ad groups.

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