What are Pins?

Pins are visual bookmarks that people use to save content they love on Pinterest. People can search for Pins, save the ones they like and click on a Pin to learn more.

How to create Pins

You can create your own Pins by uploading images or videos from your computer or mobile device. Plus, with the Pinterest camera tools available in the app, you can record videos and take new photos too. 

In addition to creating Pins with your own images and videos, you can save images you find online as Pins

Design a Pin

Once you select the images and videos you want to include in your Pin, you have the option to add effects like text overlay, stickers, music, and more. You can find more on how to use these design tools in our article, Design a Pin

Tag products in your Pins

You may want to tag products in your Pins so people on Pinterest can shop for them. You can add up to five product tags per Pin. Just make sure any products you add align with our merchant guidelines and affiliate guidelines

Add links to your Pins

When you add a link to your Pin, you’re giving your audience a clear next step. Many Pinterest creators like to send people on Pinterest to their blog, website, or another website they’re affiliated with. 

You’ll see the option to add a link when you’re adding the descriptive details to your Pin (like choosing a title, board, etc.). With a business account, you can see how often people are viewing your Pin and visiting the links you share. Learn more about how to view Pinterest Analytics

Review before publishing

Before publishing your Pin, be sure to take a final look to ensure it looks right and has all the correct details. This includes reviewing the overall design and any details you’ve added like a title, cover image, tags and link. 

Edit or delete a Pin

After publishing, you can edit a Pin’s title, board, and a few other descriptive details. However, you cannot make changes to the image, video or audio contents of your Pin once it’s been published. Learn more about how to edit or delete a Pin

Creation best practices

As a content creator on Pinterest, you should review the Creator Code and follow our community guidelines. If you create a Pin that violates these guidelines, you may lose the ability to create Pins. And if we notice any spam-related behaviors, your account may be temporarily blocked.

Looking for more tips? Learn how to become a Pinterest creator and find more on the Pinterest creator site.

Do more with your Pins

When you set up a business account, you have access to extra tools and features on Pinterest. You can:

  • Access Pin analytics
  • Schedule Pins in advance
  • Promote your Pins as ads
  • And if you have a website, you can create rich Pins. Rich Pins will automatically update to reflect any edits you make to your blog posts, recipes, or another page on your website.

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