Configurar la campaña

Parece que estás viendo esto desde una región donde los anuncios aún no están disponibles. Mira dónde están disponibles los anuncios para las cuentas para empresa de Pinterest.

Más información

Campaigns are the highest level of the Campaign structure and house ad groups and ads. To advertise on Pinterest, first you need to create a campaign. Once you’ve created a campaign, you can edit or duplicate it.

Create a campaign

To run ads on Pinterest, create a campaign. 

Edit a campaign

Make adjustments to a campaign you’ve already created.

Duplicate a campaign

Duplicate a campaign to copy and edit information from a campaign you’ve already created. Carousel and archived campaigns can’t be duplicated.

Experiencing a problem?

If your campaign is missing any necessary information, errors will be highlighted in red in the left-side navigation. Click the highlighted topics to jump to that section and fix any existing errors. The information you enter will save as you move from step to step. If you exit the window before you click “Continue”, “Save edits” or “Create campaigns”, your work will be lost.

Next up

Once you’ve created, edited or duplicated a campaign, learn how to Create and edit an ad group in a campaign.

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