Modifications apportées aux Conditions d'utilisation de Pinterest applicables aux administrations d'État et aux administrations locales des États-Unis (en anglais)

If you are a state or local government agency in the United States (“Agency”) using Pinterest Products in an official capacity, the following amendments (“Amended Terms”) to the Business Terms of Service (“Terms”) apply:

The following modifications are made to the Terms,


The following is added to the Indemnification section of the Terms:

Without waiving sovereign immunity and to the extent allowed by law, the Indemnification section will apply.


The Arbitration section (and any other incorporated references) of the Terms is deleted in its entirety.

Governing Law & Jurisdiction.

The Governing Law and Jurisdiction section of the Terms is deleted in its entirety and replaced with:

Without waiving sovereign immunity and to the extent allowed by law, the laws of the State of California, excluding its conflict of law principles, will govern.

The following are incorporated into the Terms,


Pinterest will not use Agency’s seals, trademarks, service marks, trade names (“Marks”) or use of Pinterest to state or imply endorsement of Pinterest. Pinterest may use the Marks that Agency has publicly submitted as User Content only to (i) provide the Products; and (ii) publicly reference Agency’s use of Pinterest - as long as not prominently featuring the Marks.

Official Website.

Agency will include a link to its official website in its Pinterest profile.


In the event of conflict between the documents that make up the Terms, the documents will control in the following order: the Privacy Policy, AUP, Amended Terms and Terms. 

Capitalized terms used above but not defined have the meaning ascribed to them under the Terms.