Kupowanie produktów z Pinów produktowych

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There are many ways you can shop for products on Pinterest. You might not have access to all of them yet but you’ll see them soon.

Merchant details

Merchants who are members of the Verified Merchant Program have met our Merchant Guidelines and have a blue badge on their profiles. When you see this blue badge, it means that the merchant:

  • Displays accurate information about product prices and whether products are in stock or not
  • Has a high-quality website and product pages
  • Has a clear return policy that states whether the merchant accepts returns as well as the process and time expectations for returns
  • Has an easy-to-find and clear shipping policy displaying the expected shipping time

Additionally, some merchants will have information about the communities they represent, and their brand values below their business name on their profiles. If a business self-identifies as being at least 51% owned by an under-represented group, you might see their community listed. You might also see their brand values listed. These brand values are selected and added to the profile after the business’ website has been reviewed.

Questions about an order

While we work to make your shopping experience seamless, we're not responsible for any disputes or issues you may have with retailers or products discovered on Pinterest.

We welcome all feedback about your overall shopping experience. Please let us know if a merchant is not following our guidelines.