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To view your website analytics, click Activity from your website at the top of Pinterest Analytics. If you don’t see this option, claim your website first.

You’ll see all the metrics as a daily average. Use the date picker to see data for specific time periods, and the "All apps" menu to filter profile data by device. Click Export data to export your data to a CSV file.

Find the most popular content from your website

You’ll see impressions, saves and clicks for Pins linking back to your site as a daily average. Use the date picker to see data for specific time periods. If you have Save buttons on your website, you can also see how these buttons impact your Pinterest presence.

Impressions are the number of times a Pin from your profile has appeared on Pinterest home feeds, category feeds and search.

Saves are the number of times someone saved your Pin to one of their boards. This is how people can discover your content on Pinterest.

Clicks shows the number of clicks on Pins from your profile.

Original Pins are first-time Pins created from your website using the Save button, our browser extensions, or manual Pin uploads. You’ll see it first as a daily average, but you can use the graph to look at a specific date range.

All-time includes an assortment of metrics dating back to the beginning of your Pinterest account, including:

  • Your all-time most saved Pins
  • Pins that are ranked highly in search
  • Power Pins, which are Pins with all-time high engagement from people, using a combination of saves, comments, sends and more

If you have Save buttons on your website, you can learn how these buttons impact your Pinterest presence. The two graphs in this view show you how the Save button drives more traffic to your website.
The first graph shows you the number of visits to your pages from the Save button in a 24-hour period. You’ll see how many times the Save button was clicked and how many times someone used it to create a Pin. The second graph shows you the impressions, saves, and clicks for Pins created using the Save Button. This information is for a specific week, all from Pins created on that single day shown in the first graph.

If you're not seeing any data, install the Pinterest Save button.

By looking at the data on which Pins were seen, saved, and clicked the most, you can discover more about what people are interested in. Continue saving Pins that align with these interests to keep your audience engaged and to reach more people on Pinterest.

Learn how to turn Pinterest Analytics insights into action on our business blog. 

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