Personalized ads on Pinterest

Personalized ads on Pinterest

To help you see the type of ads you’re more likely to be interested in, some of the companies that advertise on Pinterest use info about your off-Pinterest activity to personalize the ads you see.

For example:

  • They might share a list of customer email addresses with us. And if their customers are on Pinterest, we can show them more relevant Promoted Pins. 
  • They can use a Pinterest tag on their website to help us understand who’s visited or made purchases on their site. We can use that info to show ads to the right people on Pinterest. For instance, this way you might get an ad for a pair of shoes you checked out, but didn’t buy.

Not into the idea of seeing ads on Pinterest that were personalized using this kind of info? Go to your account settings and set the “Use info from our ad partners” tab to “No.” You’ll still see ads on Pinterest, but they won’t be personalized using info from our partners.

Personalized ads off of Pinterest

Many advertising services collect and use data from your web and mobile app activity both on and off Pinterest to help show you ads that are more targeted to your interests.

Some ad services may collect and use info about your engagement with their personalized ads on Pinterest, and use that info to personalize ads for you off of Pinterest. For example: If you click on an ad for “Shoes Inc.” on Pinterest, Shoes Inc. may show you more shoe ads off of Pinterest.

You can stop this use of your activity on Pinterest by opting out of personalized ads on Pinterest. Just go to your account settings and adjust the “Use info from our ad partners” setting to “No.”

Web activity:

Many advertising services integrate with the Digital Advertising Alliance’s consumer choice tool at On that site you can opt out of the use of information about your web browsing activity for the purpose of showing you targeted ads by participating companies. If you’re in Canada or Europe, you can also visit the DAAC’s or the EDAA’s

Mobile apps:

iOS and Android devices have a resettable advertising identifier that companies can use to target ads based on the apps you use. Both iOS and Android devices allow you to opt out of the use of this identifier for purposes of showing you targeted ads:

  • iOS: In your iOS device settings, turn on the “Limit Ad Tracking” setting
  • Android: In your Android device settings, turn on “Opt out of Ads Personalization”
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