Pinterest Trends

Pinterest Trends 展示了过去 12 个月内美国、英国和加拿大最热门的搜索字词和主题的历史视图,所有用户均可以通过 Pinterest Trends 内容了解用户何时开始搜索各种主题以及 Pinterest 上的热门内容。


  1. 在桌面或移动设备浏览器上打开 Pinterest Trends
  2. 点击右上角的美国,选择你想查看数据的国家
  3. 在顶部搜索栏中输入字词,或选择一个下方显示的预填充主题



在搜索栏下方,你将看到“今日热门 Pinterest trends”。这些是每天搜索次数最多的时尚、饮食、美妆和家居用品。热门趋势突出显示高浏览量并且增长迅速的搜索。



在搜索栏中一次输入不超过 4 个字词来探索多个主题,对比它们在过去 12 个月内的热门程度。如需从对比视图中删除字词,请单击各字词右侧的“x”符号。


“Trends”搜索栏中有一项自动完成功能,可加快搜索的完成速度。这些建议基于在 Pinterest 上进行的真实搜索,并显示与你输入的主题相关的常见字词和热门字词。


Pinterest 通过仅衡量同一时间段内在我们平台上发生的各热门内容搜索数与搜索总数之比来标准化搜索量。为方便各字词之间进行对比,在每张图上,为搜索字词的最高点设置索引值 100,为最低点设置索引值 0。图上其余的点与最高点和最低点依次按比例进行设置。



热门 Pin 图

相关字词下方将显示各字词的热门 Pin 图。单击 Pin 图将会在新窗口中打开当前排名第一的搜索字词。

View Pinterest Trends

  1. Open Pinterest Trends on your desktop or mobile browser
  2. Select which country you want to see data from by clicking the directional chevron down icon next to US in the top-left
  3. Enter a term in the top search bar or click See now on one of the pre-populated topics featured below

As you type in the search bar, a list of suggested terms will appear. These suggestions are real searches that happen on Pinterest. They show common and trending terms relevant to the topics entered by you.

If you do not find a term you’re looking for, check back in a few days as we’re adding new terms every week.

View the graph

When you search for a term or click on one of the pre-populated topics, you’ll see the info on a graph. Pinterest normalizes search volume by only considering the ratio of searches for each trend to the total number of searches that happened on our platform during the same time frame. To make comparisons between terms easier, the highest point of the search term is indexed to 100, and the lowest point is indexed to 0 on each plot. The rest of the points on the plot are proportional to the highest and lowest point.

Compare terms

Explore multiple topics by entering up to 4 terms in the search bar at one time to compare their popularity over the past 12 months on the graph. To remove terms from the compare view, click the x iconto the right of each term.

View related terms

When you search for a term in Trends, you’ll see Related terms below the graph. Clickthe directional chevron right icon to explore the full list and click a term to add it to your comparison chart.

View popular Pins

Popular Pins for each term appear below Related terms. Clicking on the Pins will open the current top searches for the term in a new window.

View top trends

If you have not searched for anything yet, you’ll see This week’s top Pinterest trends below the search bar. These are the most searched fashion, food and drink, beauty, and home terms on a daily basis. Top trends highlight searches that have both high volume and strong growth.

You can browse top trends for the US, UK and Canada. For the US, you can also see a breakdown of top trends within our most popular categories below top trends.