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Audience targeting helps you reach a specific group of people by combining information about your customers with information about how people use Pinterest. You can target a group of people based on site visitors, an uploaded customer list of emails or mobile ad IDs (Android ad IDs), an engagement audience that interacted with Pins from your confirmed domain or an actalike audience that behaves similarly to one you already have.

Available audiences on Pinterest

Learn more about the different types of audiences on Pinterest, necessary requirements and how to set them up.

Third-party data targeting

Note: Third-party data targeting is currently only available in the U.S.

In addition to the targeting options found on Pinterest, you can use third-party audiences from our data partner, Oracle Data Cloud (ODC), to reach new audiences.

If you choose to use third-party data targeting, note that Pinterest manages the costs associated with third-party data targeting automatically to ensure you're not charged more than your bid. When you're using third-party targeting, our system reduces your bid in the auction by no more than 15% to cover data costs. If you win the auction, you’ll be charged the auction price to cover the cost of media, plus the applicable % of auction price to cover the data cost.

If you’re interested in learning more about third-party audiences, reach out to your Pinterest Sales representative.

Ad review process

Once you launch your campaign, we’ll review it to make sure it follows our Advertising guidelines. The campaign review process can take up to 24 hours.

If your campaign targeting goes against our advertising guidelines, we’ll send you a notification in Ads Manager letting you know what needs to change so that your ad can be reviewed again for approval. Once approved, we’ll start distributing your ad.

Explore targeting on Pinterest

If you want to set up multiple kinds of targeting on Pinterest or edit current campaign targeting, you can learn more in our targeting overview article.

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