Audience targeting

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Audience targeting helps you reach a specific group of people by combining information about your customers with information about how people use Pinterest.

You can create four types of audiences:

  • customer lists
  • people who went to your site
  • people who engaged with your Pins on Pinterest
  • people similar to an existing audience list

Create an audience

  1. Click Ads and select "Audiences"
  2. Click Create Audience
  3. Select your audience type and click Next
  4. Follow the prompts and click Create

When you create your customer list, Pinterest will look for people in your audience list that have existing accounts on Pinterest. Each audience needs to have 100 people before you can start using it. For example, if you upload a list of 120 people but our system detects that only 80 of them use Pinterest, you'll need to add more customers.

Pinterest will never share audiences you've created or use them to target anyone else's campaigns unless you ask us to.

How audiences work

Customer list

Upload existing customers' emails or mobile ad IDs (MAIDs) through a single column CSV file. Leave out any additional information you have, like names. Keep in mind that your final audience list will likely be smaller than the total number of emails of mobile ad IDs you originally upload.

Use inclusion targeting to reach existing, high value customers with a specific message. Use exclusion targeting to drive new customer acquisition goals. Once your list has at least 100 matches, the status will turn green on the Audiences page in Ads Manager and you'll be able to target that audience on your ad.


  • Email files: Cleartext, SHA256, MD5 hash key. Must include an “@”.
  • MAID files: Cleartext, SHA1, SHA256, MD5 hash keys. IDFAs (iOS) must be uppercase and AAIDs (Android) must be lowercase. MAIDs should follow the format 8-4-4-4-12.

If your CSV upload fails, it’s likely that one of the above requirements haven’t been met. Headers, titles, and empty rows or tabs that create breaks shouldn’t be included.

When you upload your customer list to Pinterest, it's immediately hashed and can’t be re-downloaded or accessed again. To edit a customer list, you’ll need to upload a new one. Customer Lists don’t update automatically unless they’re connected to a CRM via Pinterest API.

Site visitors

Visitor retargeting identifies people who have already visited your site and lets you target them on Pinterest, where they are more likely to take action. To create visitor audiences, you need to set up the Pinterest tag.

Add the base code across every page on your site and add the event code to pages where you want to track the actions you care about. You can create a target audience based on one or more specific event tags on your site or based on one or more pages that people have visited on your site. For events, you might retarget people who added a specific type of product to their cart but didn't check out. For pages, you might retarget people who have landed on specific URLs, like your checkout or confirmation pages.

Once you've created your audience, the audience size will update within 24 hours on the Audiences page in Ads Manager.


Once you've claimed your website in your account settings, you can target people who've previously engaged with Pins from your website. This includes saves, closeups, comments, link clicks, and carousel card swipes.

Add filters to your engagement audience to target or exclude people who take specific actions, such as saving your Pin. Use the Destination URL, Action Types, Pin IDs, % Video Viewed, or Pin Category filters to target or exclude people for your audience. If you use the Pin ID filter, the Pin ID needs to be from your original, organic Pin ID, not the ID of a promoted Pin. If you choose not to add filters, your audience will include people that engaged with any Pin that leads to your claimed website. This can include promoted Pins, organic Pins, and Pins not created by your account.

Once you’ve created your audience, the audience size will update within 24 hours on the Audiences page in Ads Manager.


Actalike targeting helps you easily reach people similar to one of your existing audiences. We build actalike audiences using info we know about people on Pinterest and their behavior.

Choose one of your existing audiences as the source audience to build your actalike. You can target people in a specific country based on the source audience and choose a target size percentage. You can use actalike audiences to find new customers, new people who are likely to engage with your Pins, or new people who are likely to visit your website based on your source audience.

Once you’ve created your audience, the audience size will update within 24 hours on the Audiences page in Ads Manager. If your source audience is also new, the audience size will update within 72 hours.

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