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Ad groups are the mid-level between campaigns and ads in the Campaign structure. You set the targeting, run dates, bid and budget for all the ads housed within an ad group. (If you’re running a campaign with the consideration objective, you’ll set your budget at the campaign level rather than at the ad group level.) You can create a new ad group, edit an ad group, duplicate an existing ad group or remove an ad group.

If you want to set up similar, but slightly different targeting for multiple sets of ads in your campaign, you can create a campaign with multiple ad groups.

Create a new ad group

Create single or multiple ad groups to house the ads you want to run on Pinterest. You can create single or multiple ad groups in a new campaign or an existing campaign. You can add up to 10 ad groups at a time. 

Edit an ad group

Make adjustments to an ad group you’ve already created.

Duplicate an ad group

Duplicate an ad group to copy and edit information from an ad group you’ve already created. You can duplicate an ad group while creating a new campaign or while updating an existing campaign. 

When duplicating an ad group to a new campaign, you can edit at the campaign, ad group, and ad levels. When duplicating an ad group to an existing campaign you can edit at the ad group and ad levels. 

You can add up to 10 ad groups to one campaign at a time. When you duplicate an ad group, the highest number in the dropdown reflects how many duplicates of your ad groups you can still add to a campaign.

Remove an ad group

Delete single or multiple ad groups in a new campaign or an existing campaign. You need to have at least one ad group per campaign. You can’t delete the last ad group in a campaign.

Experiencing a problem?

If your campaign is missing any necessary information, errors will be highlighted in red in the left-side navigation. Click the highlighted topics to jump to that section and fix any existing errors. The information you enter will save as you move from step to step. If you exit the window before you click “Continue”, “Save edits” or “Create campaigns”, your work will be lost.

Ad review process

Once you launch your campaign, we’ll review it to make sure it follows our Advertising guidelines. The campaign review process can take up to 24 hours.

If your campaign targeting goes against our advertising guidelines, we’ll send you a notification in Ads Manager letting you know what needs to change so that your ad can be reviewed again for approval. Once approved, we’ll start distributing your ad.

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