Create ad group

Once you've created a campaign in Ads Manager, you can set up an ad group. Ad groups set the targeting, run dates, bid and budget for all the Promoted Pins housed within them. Learn more about campaign structure.

  1. Choose an existing ad group or enter a name for a new ad group.

  2. If you want to target a specific audience, click Create new Audience in the Audience section.

  3. Add your targeting details to determine the genders, locations, languages, and devices you want your ads to target.

  4. Click Placement to choose where your ads show on Pinterest. When you set up your ad group, we'll automatically show your ads everywhere to reach the maximum number of people, but you can choose to specify if your ads show as people browse or when they search.

  5. Choose whether or not you want the ad group to automatically expand selected interests and keywords based on your Pin.

  6. Search and select interests and keywords to target your ads further.

  7. Enter start and end dates for your ads (Note: all dates in Ads Manager are in UTC).

  8. Add your budget details. Choose between a daily budget or lifetime budget type, then enter your budget amount. With a lifetime budget, you are required to set an end date. The budget type can't be edited once the ad group has been created.

  9. Set a bid for your ads.

  10. Click Continue to create your ad group and move on to Promoted Pin selection.

Create ad group video

As you enter in your targeting details, you'll see the max audience size change to reflect the number of people we expect to see on Pinterest over a 30-day period that meet your targeting criteria. A narrow audience indicates that you have specified a niche audience, and may need to bid more aggressively to reach them, etc. The max audience size does not reflect the expected results of your campaign, which is dependent on additional factors, such as bids, budgets and flight dates.  

When you click Continue, an ad group shell is saved. You can exit the creation flow and come back any time to pick up where you left off and set up your Promoted Pins.

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